About Us


To foster community coalitions by providing prevention resources and support for data-informed initiatives and behavioral health promotion strategies.


ERASE (East of the River Action for Substance-Abuse Elimination, Inc.) is one of 13 Regional Action Councils (RACs), established by state legislation, passed in 1989, to assess substance abuse needs and plan to fill gaps in services. ERASE was incorporated as a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization in 1990.

Upon ERASE’s incorporation, grassroots efforts began to establish local coalitions to specifically address substance abuse prevention and reduction in each of the 15 towns within the ERASE region. ERASE partnered with these local coalitions, known as Local Prevention Councils (LPCs), to increase their membership and strengthen their knowledge of coalition-based work. Overtime these coalitions developed great strength and had the ability to seek other fiscal support, collect data and diversify their membership. With ERASE, many LPCs embraced SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework Model, enabling prevention work to be planned and implemented using data as a guide with an emphasis on evidence-based strategies. Today, with data leading the direction of ERASE and LPCs, ERASE is embracing behavioral health promotion to further meet the LPC and ERASE Region’s community’s needs. 

Funding for ERASE is provided by:

- The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS)

- DMHAS Problem Gambling Services

- Local Contributions