From our Executive Director

Melisa L Luginbuhl
Executive Director


Dear ERASE Current and Future Partners,

I want to introduce or re-introduce you to ERASE, Inc. ERASE is a private non-profit organization that serves 15  towns east of the Connecticut River by assessing substance abuse and mental health prevention and treatment needs and strengthening our 15 communities’ abilities to enhance their behavioral health promotion strategies.

Through conversation with current partners, and based on the direction of national and state prevention leaders, ERASE has expanded its core services to include behavioral health promotion. ERASE currently has staff with expertise in suicide prevention. They are trained to provide QPR-Question, Persuade, Refer Training as well as CONNECT Trainings. ERASE is continuing to strengthen staffs’ capacity to assist in the promotion of behavioral health. 

ERASE is fortunate enough to provide a number of prevention resources within our region with the support of several grants. Our grant funded resources for our 15-communities include student substance use surveys, program evaluation, grant writing and grant support as well as short-term, programmatic staffing. These services are available contractually within our region, where grant support is unavailable, and outside the region as part of ERASE’s consultation services. For more detail about this please see our Services menu.

In addition to our existing resources we are currently establishing two new behavioral health promotion strategies. One strategy will focus on promoting the use of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and depression screening across our region. The second involves raising awareness of the signs of mental health distress and diffusing difficult situations.

My hope is that we can expand your partnership with ERASE so that we can provide you with community-focused, data-driven prevention planning and implementation of behavioral health promotion strategies. We look forward to working with you.

All the best,

Melisa Luginbuhl