Board of Directors

About our board

ERASE is guided by a Board of Directors made up of community members, local government leaders, business professionals, youth-serving professionals, law enforcement personnel, stakeholders and educators living and working in our 15-town region.


President: Cephus Nolen 

In the 31 years I have been in the field I have worked with many children and families around a variety of issues usually after there has been a problem identified. “We” in the helping field tend to spend a great deal of time “fixing” problems instead of preventing the problems from emerging. As a friend said to me years ago “we have to start to lead the parade instead of cleaning up after the horse go by.” ERASE as well as the other Local Regional Action Councils help communities to prevent substance abuse and many other risk behaviors youth and families. For me it feels good to be on the prevention side and to join with others who are leading the “Parade” of prevention."   

Vice President: Sheryl Sprague 

Sheryl Sprague is Manager of Prevention and Wellness for Rushford, a Hartford Healthcare Partner. She is a Certified Prevention Professional and a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

I am proud to serve as Vice President of ERASE, an outstanding organization with Bonnie Smith serving as Executive Director... ERASE provides truly exceptional programs and services to the 15 towns in the region. ERASE has been recognized at the statewide level for their innovation and reliability in utilizing best practices in Prevention initiatives." 

Treasurer: Jane Theriault 

I’ve always appreciated the prevention work ERASE provides and endorse Erase's community outreach efforts. By overseeing the increasingly complicated fiscal tracking and reporting requirements of the organization, staff members have additional time available to perform program work and interact with citizens in the region. I know the importance of fiscal responsibility in the non-profit arena and sustaining a trustworthy and relevant organization." 

Secretary: Ida Terry 

With over 23 years of experience with the Connecticut Department of Correction, where she is currently responsible for the department’s statewide addiction assessments and (2) DUI Home Confinement Programs, she also provides clinical supervision and training to correctional substance abuse counselors within correction and in the community.  

In 2007, her extensive criminal justice experience motivated her to establish the Annual REACH Health Children Initiatives for REACH Training and Consulting. In addition, Ida Terry has over 15 years of experience as an independent contracted youth services family therapist for the Town of East Hartford where she facilitates culturally responsive services. Ida is an Executive Board Member of the New England Institute of Addiction Studies (NEIAS).  She is also a nationally recognized trainer, whose presentations are enthusiastic and innovative.



Jay Moran 

Mayor, Town of Manchester (ex-officio)

Marcia Leclerc 

Mayor, Town of East Hartford (ex-officio)

Mary Roche Cronin 

Director, Manchester Human Services 

As Director of Human Services, my staff and I work with clients of all ages who are dealing with many challenges in their lives, which often include abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. The results of that abuse can be devastating for those individuals and their families. Public education is key to prevention of drug and/or alcohol abuse and ERASE provides a variety of prevention programs. I support that work by participating as a member of the ERASE Board of Directors."

Barbara Fox 

DARC Program Coordinator, Manchester Community College

Although my expertise in addiction in mostly in treatment, ERASE has been giving me an education in prevention over the years.  I was more than happy to accept their invitation to sit on their board because I saw it as a way to give back to the community and to enhance my work at Manchester Community College.  I have enjoyed working with other members of the board and with the staff of ERASE in various collaborations and hope to continue working with them." 

John Massicotte 

Youth Pastor, Crossroads Community Cathedral, Manchester

There are several reasons that I accepted the invitation to sit on the board of ERASE. Being in the ministry I have witnessed the devastation that substance abuse has on people’s lives. I have seen so many families torn apart because one or more family members were abusing either drugs or alcohol. I have comforted parents whose child had overdosed and died and others who have anguished trying to convince their child that they needed rehab again and again. I have counseled spouses who are facing the end of their marriage because of the addiction of the other. In my own family I have also seen these types of tragedies played out. Disease, poverty and ruined lives. In my youth I was involved with drug and alcohol abuse and had seen friends lives destroyed and lost because of our choices. I feel that the mission of ERASE to get the information out to people especially young people can make the difference between productive, happy lives and lives of despair and ruin. I count it a distinct privilege to have this opportunity to serve ERASE and our communities." 

Geralyn Laut 

A Concerned parent, community activist, and a public health professional and prevention advocate

I have been committed to the mission and work that ERASE has championed over a span of many years. My involvement at the community level in Glastonbury was sparked by my participation in a  focus group facilitated by ERASE, an effort to foster the development of a successful coalition working to reduce substance abuse in our community. I am happy to help  sustain that effort in my town and throughout the region."

Henry Genga 

State Representative, 10th Assembly District - East Hartford, CT

I chose to serve because of its mission and the great work ERASE, Inc. does to serve our communities.  Our children need this type of protection.  Over the years I have found Bonnie and her staff to be very dedicated in their jobs and I have learned a great deal about how substance abuse targets our children

Jeffrey Quinn 

A student at Manchester Community College

I am currently enrolled in the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor program. I was introduced to ERASE by our Program Coordinator, Bobbi Fox. The more I learned about the essential services that ERASE provides to our region, I wanted to find a way to become involved. I consider being a member of this board a great privilege and opportunity to serve my community in regard to addiction prevention and mental health awareness.

Beau Thurnauer